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Everyone’s heard of hot sauce. Nearly every nation has its own cultural rendition of a spicy condiment to enhance the flavour of their food. While hot sauce has been popular in all around the world for decades, it’s become increasingly popular in recent years. Hot sauce is more than just a common part of street food, as there is a science behind how spicy each sauce is, as well as a history of hot sauce’s origins. We at MetalDays thought that the feeling after the festival is over, and our visitors are packing their tents is similar to the feeling when you eat hot chilli; there are tears in your eyes and your body burns but you can’t wait to do it again.
MetalDays is happy to present you own hot sauce collection. This 5 fantastic hot sauces, packed in a gift box are produced in cooperation with best Slovenian hot chilli sauce makers, Cili Pipp.
This collection is limited to 50 boxes only and covers everything…from the entry-level sauce ’till the sauce for the people with serious issues and everything in between.
So, let’s talk about it!

Show no Mercy 14/10  
This MetalDays’ hot sauce is a unique combination of chocolate 'nuclear' chillies. For all the brave and already experienced fans of burning goodies. Seasoned with the sepia serpent, Kraken, moruga chocolate, big black mama... It goes well with all sorts of dishes, but beware of the fiery taste! With this sauce, even Chuck Norris would cry. Named after a legendary album by even more legendary band this hot sauce is for those that, instead of blood, have Metal running through their veins.
This sauce is extremely hot!

Vulgar Display of Moruga 12/10
MetalDays’s Vulgar Display of Moruga is made of Chili Trinidad Scorpion Moruga. It’s a very serious chilli that used to be known as the record holder for the hottest chilli. Despite this, our palls at Čili Pipp have managed to tame and prepare it with a selection of spices, so that it goes well with any kind of dish. If you’re a true gourmet or a sadist, who would laugh at an unsuspecting friend, then this is the sauce tailored just for your needs. Named after groundbreaking album of mighty cowboys from Texas this sauce is going to melt your face.
This sauce is VERY hot!

..and Bhut Jolokia For All 9/10
When you try a Bhut Jolokia, your soul leaves your body… according to Indian legend, that is. …but with MetalDays’s original …and Bhut Jolokia For All hot sauce we’ve managed to reach reincarnation with a homemade recipe, binding the Jolokias into a thick sauce that has a soul which goes best with hamburgers. While enjoying our …and Bhut Jolokia For All hot sauce, it is recommended to listen to the spiritual wisdom of Deepak Chopra, due to the intense heat that will take over your mouth. Although hot, in our opinion this one misses some serious hotness. Therefore it was named after the great album of the biggest Metal band on the planet, that somehow lost its bass in the mix.

The Hotness of the Beast 7/10
This classic hot sauce is appropriate for those who are just beginning to learn the wonders of chillies. Be warned though… this sauce can easily turn into Pandora’s box, sucking you into a world where the classic heat just won’t be enough! Classic Metal goes wonderfully with the excitement this sauce causes your taste buds. Made with Louisiana style hot sauce in mind with a touch of homeliness and named after the album that changed Metal forever, this MetalDay’s hot sauce is as classic as the mentioned album.

The Least Stand 5/10
This Sweet Habanero hot sauce is the happiest sauces in this collection Happy because it falls into the milder category of sauces and therefore leaves more time for you to be joyful during culinary extravagancies, as the sensation of heat is quickly replaced with sweetness. The habanero chilli is one of the most widespread varieties and is renowned for its unmistakable taste. We’ve added moderate amounts of it to our sweet sauce, and for a balanced taste, we’ve used just enough ginger and lime juice, all while making sure they don’t prevail. Although it’s not too hot, it still has enough heat to be felt and to be worthy of having in your collection. This sweet sauce was named after the album of Swedish history educational band, and like their music, it is the entry-level sauce.


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