MetalDays “Surprise Package”,

MetalDays “Surprise Package”

Options for MetalDays “Surprise Package”

“Surprise Package” Girls *3 items*30,00 € 
“Surprise Package” Girls *4 items*60,00 € 
“Surprise Package” Girls *5 items*90,00 € 
“Surprise Package” Girls *6 items*120,00 € 
“Surprise Package” Girls *7 items*150,00 € 
“Surprise Package” Boys *3 items*30,00 € 
“Surprise Package” Boys *4 items*60,00 € 
“Surprise Package” Boys *5 items*90,00 € 
“Surprise Package” Boys *6 items*120,00 € 
“Surprise Package” Boys *7 items*150,00 € 
“Surprise Package” Kids *3 items*30,00 € 
“Surprise Package” Kids *4 items*40,00 € 
“Surprise Package” Kids *5 items*50,00 € 


Dear friends, MetalDays needs your help. 

Due to the pandemic that was declared in March 2020, we are without operation for 2nd year in a row.

We need financial support to keep our operations alive, to keep our crew employed, to be able to pay our monthly costs, and to be able to work on a future edition of MetalDays in form of planning, artists-booking, and production pre-work. 

By purchasing of MetalDays Surprise Package you are helping MetalDays in these strange and difficult times.

About "Surprise Package"

It is a very simple approach…we put Surprise Packages together with all MetalDays items from previous editions that we have in our storage. You can see them in the photos below. You can choose between the Girls, Boys, or Kids Package, and then you can choose how many items you would like to have in your Package. 

We know that many of you have already some or all of the items that are included in the Surprise Package, but this sale is mostly about you helping us, so there are many ways how to make this Package useful, like a birthday present to somebody that is dear to you for example. 

We will make our best to put together the best Packages we can. 

*Content of the Surprise Package depends on the item availability. Not all packages will have the same content.